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Measuring instrument to monitor and control low differential pressures in clean rooms, laminar flow systems, mini environments, filter systems and more.

The automatic zero point calibration during operation allows a very high measurement precision and long-time stability.

  • Maintenance-free due to very low drift effect
  • No negative accuracy influence due to mounting position
  • Very reliable and stable long-term measurement
  • Small, compact, robust and easy to integrate almost anywhere

General information

The Pascal-ST/ZB bidirectional differential pressure transmitters are mainly used for clean room applications where accuracy and reliability are a must and space is limited.

The measurement technology is based on the static principle with piezo-resistive bidirectional membranc.

The state-of-the-art electronics and firmware in combination with the automatic zero-point calibration allow very accurate and stable readings without any drift.

Pascal-ST/ZB models are available for 2 measurement ranges,-25 to +25 and -100 to +100 Pa.

Depending on the application,various model types are available,with integrated alarm switches or with analogue output,with or without display.

All instruments can be programmed,configured and adjusted using the PascalTool-WIN PC software.

The Pascal-STV/ZB disposes of a scalable and adjustable analogue output(mA or V).This makes it fit for integration and adaptation to controlling systems(PLC).A digital output(RS-232) is also integrated by default.

This compact sizee product range among differential pressuree measuring instruments excels by robust design and highest long-term performance.


Pacal-STV 25 ZB:P/N 260 1241

       Meas.range:    -25~+25Pa(bidirectional)

       Power supply:    24VDC

       Signal output:    0/4…20mA,0/2…10V,RS-232

Pacal-STV 100 ZB:P/N 260 1242

        Meas.range:    -100~+100Pa(bidirectional)

        Power supply:    24VDC

        Signal output:    0/4…20mA,0/2…10V,RS-232


        High cost efficiency

        Excellent accuracy and reproducibility

        Automatic Zero-Point calibration

        No position dependency

        Long term stable

        Easy adjustable and configurable by PC

        Password protection

        Easy mounting and startup

        Scalable & adjustable analogue outputs

        Alarm visualisation by LED 

        Integratted 2-line LCDisplay

        Possibility to measure the air velocity

        SWISS-MADE Quality


Measurement and control of low air differential pressures and air velocities:

        Industrial HVAC installations for processes

        Clean rooms applications

        Islolators,Laminar Flowboxes

        Hospitals,operating rooms

        Laboratories,Testing rooms 

        Monitoring systems



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