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 HygroGuard / ClimaLog / DataLog

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HygroGuard / ClimaLog / DataLog



Efficient Data loggers with built-in or external humidity, temperature or pressure sensor, which can be used both autonomous as a battery-powered unit or integrated into a network.

These analyzers are characterized by their diverse applicability, their high precision measurement and the recording of the desired climatic parameters. Therefore, an individual adaptation to the user’s needs is possible.

  • Possibility for room mapping with external sensors
  • Large data storage of 3,2 million data points
  • Large display with additional acoustic alerting
  • User-friendly software for visualizing, analyzing and exporting of the data
  • Possibility to connect to a LAN-network  

High capacity data logging systems for data mapping.monitoring and validation

Data logger series with 3.2 million data point memory.Delivered ready for use including batteries,factory calibration certificate,data visualisation and programming software and data cable.Available in various models and with diffeerent humidity measurement technologies.




Autonomous battery powered solution,which records data for a very long period.Very flexible,ideal for network integration or for stand-alone use.Robust instrument housing for harsh and mobile applications.Available also with high precision electrolytic humidity sensor.



room mapping in pharmaceutical industry

logistics and warehouses

calibration labs

climatic chambers

building drying

archives,museums,ripening cellars

and more


The new Novasina relative humidity,temperature and absolute pressure data loggers for various applications in the air environment excel with versatility,simplicity and data storage capacity.

Essential keys of this system are the USB interface(offline readout) and the managed ethemet,TCP/IP connection(online) by which these data loggers transfer the detected data to a storage device,e.g.a PC.Anothe asset is the intuitive SmartGraph III software,which simplifies the management of the 3`200`000 data points that can be stored.The big LCD gives a clear view about the actual measurement data as well as battery status,connections,actual date and time.The outstanding data storage capacity allows an independent function for a long period of time.Manifold configuration possibilities such as set-tings of visual and scoustic alarms,data logging intervals,start/stop functions etc.make these devices versatile and flexible.

These data loggers are the best choice for stand-alone or network applications in laboratories,warehouses,server rooms,archives,production processes,museums,basements,transportation and many more


Facts & figures

• Operation temperature -20~+50℃

                         humidity 0~95%RH

                           altitude up to 10`000 a.s.l.

• Big clear readable 3 line LCDscreen

• Standard 4*AA batteries for stand-alone use

• Dimensions:166*32*78mm

• Power supply by 5V USB connector possible

• USB and ethemet TCP/IP interface(ready for managed PC networks)

• Calibration/adjusting by included SmartGraph III software

• More than 3 Mio data point logging memory

• Included SmartGraph III software for configuration,calibration,adjustment,data visualisation & export

• DIN rail mounting H35 possible

• Internal scoustic alarm signal combined with LCD alarm sign

• Flexible data measurement & storage intervall


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