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 QuantaDat / nSens

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QuantaDat / nSens



Multi-sensor measurement system with intelligent and robust humidity/temperature sensors and analog signal exits.

This cost-efficient solution allows the user to connect up to four external digital nSens-HT humidity and temperature sensors with one transmitter.

  • Reduced costs per measuring point thanks to multi-sensor architecture
  • High accuracy, reproducible measurement, no detectable hysteresis
  • Linear and fast response up to the humidity saturation level
  • Automatic probe identification
  • Graphics and illuminated display
  • Exchangeable sensor with stored calibration data

QuantaDat Transmitter

This modular designed transmitter,with multi sensor technlogy,is used as a display and signal output unit with 4 sensor channels and 4 analogue outputs.This allows the management of 4 measurement points by only 1 transmitter.The sensor identification is made automatically and the channels can be assigned and configured using the onboard menu.

The integral climatic processor (Mollier chart) enables display and output of values such as dew point temperature,absolute humidity,specific enthalpy,mixing ratio etc.AnRS-485 interface is integrated as standard.Bus interfaces and relay switchees can be assembled with modular configuration.


nSens probe

An integral component of the system is the digital nSens-HT humidity/temperature and nSens-T temperature sensor which work over the whole measuerment range with high accuracy and linear response characteristic.The calibration data is stored direct onto the sensor.The Verification/calibration is performed by PCusing the nSoft-CAL software.These plyg-in probes are quickly replaced on stie and the newly calibrated system may be put back into use again quickly,maintaining highest accuracy.



QuantaDat transmitter

• Multisensor-Technology with 4 sensor channels

• 4 configurable analogue output signals

• Integrated climatic parameter processor

• Simulation function for fixed value putput

• Graphical display with LED backlight

• Easy configuration by user-friendly device menu

• Simple Installation and set up


nSens probe

• High measuring accuracy

• Linear response

• Digital sensor with calibration data storage 

• Software for verification and calibration by PC



• Clesn Rooms

• HVAC plants

• paper-/textile industry

• Meteorological stations

• Greenhouses

• Ripening chambers

• Combustion and drying-processer

• Warehouses/storage units

• Calibration labs

• Test benches

• Plant engineering & construction

and many more


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