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The Lighthouse Scan Air provides an easy-to-use means of checking HEPA / ULPA Filters and their seals for leaks and efficiency.

The Scan Air incorporates an Isokinetic probe specifically designed for a sampling flow rate of 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) across a wide area.

The Scan Air includes a Remote Start/Stop button and 7.62 meter (25-foot) cable. The Remote switch features hands-free operation of the SOLAIR portable particle counter enabling the user to efficiently sample in compliance with ISO 14644.

The on-board alarm buzzer and LED quickly notify the user if a count exceeds the alarm threshold, even when the Scan Air is being used in a high noise environment. The twist-lock connector quickly and easily connects or disconnects the Scan Air from a Solair portable particle counter.

The Solair and Scan Air can be used as a portable contamination detection system throughout the cleanroom environment.

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