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 FCS Flexible Control System

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FCS Flexible Control System



Key Features

» Up to 128 channels of gas readings
» FCS-M offers Modbus® RS-485 digital output signal for LAN and WAN communications
» FCS-B offers BACnet® MS/TP output signal for WAN communications (for communicating with a BAS)
» 4 dry contact relays, 5-amps @240 volts each
» Door mounted audible alarm, optional water tight version
» Optional configurable internal analog inputs and/or analog outputs
» Graphic, full colour LCD touch screen with LED indicators
» USB port for firmware upgrades and data logging
» Standard water / dust tight, corrosion resistant enclosure (drip proof); IP54 rated with water tight, door mounted audible alarm installed
» Thermal resetting fuses
» RoHS compliant circuit boards


The FCS Flexible Control System is a sophisticated, high performance controller that offers up to 128 gas channel configurations for monitoring toxic, combustible or refrigerant gases with versatile control functionality for non-hazardous, non-explosion rated, commercial and light industrial applications. The FCS is designed to accept inputs from digital, analog and wireless transmitters and/or Peripheral Devices (in various combinations), using Modbus® RS-485, 4-20 mA analog input or wireless communication. The FCS is available in two models, the FCS-M with Modbus® RS-485 output or the FCS-B with BACnet® MS/TP output for communicating with a Building Automation System (BAS).

Standard features include, four configurable SPDT dry contact relays with field configurable time delays and trigger levels, a full colour LCD touch screen with LED panel indicating configurable channel alarm status, relay status and fault conditions, extensive menu system with password protection, enhanced logic control, priorities/zoning capabilities, a USB port for firmware upgrades, data logging and a door-mounted, audible alarm. Optional value added features include, analog inputs and/or analog outputs, a top mounted strobe, a locking door and a water tight, door-mounted audible alarm. The FCS can can be connected to several remote devices such as a remote strobe/horn combo, a Remote Display Module and several LNK Peripheral Devices.


» Large Parking Facilities
» Recreation Facilities
» Food Processing Plants
» Cold Storage and Freezer Rooms
» Chemical Storage Rooms
» ... and many more

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