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Measuring instrument to monitor and control low differential pressures in clean rooms, laminar flow systems, mini environments, filter systems and more. The automatic zero point calibration during operation allows a very high measurement precision and long-time stability. Advantages: Maintenance-free due to very low drift effect No negative accuracy influence due to mounting posi...
This differential pressure transmitter with analog output and relay switch is suitable for different HVAC applications, such as filter and fan monitoring. Thanks to the automatic zero calibration, the measurement characteristics of this device stand out due to their long-time stability. Advantages: Automatic zero-point alignment Large and well laid-out display ...
CaliBox 200
This mobile, universal pressure generator allows for a location-independent verification and calibration of differential pressure measurement instruments. It is both applicable as a pressure generator and as certified pressure reference. Advantages: Universal usage for membrane and mass flow differential pressure samples Battery-powered for highest flexibility High precision a...
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