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HygroGuard / ClimaLog / DataLog
Efficient Data loggers with built-in or external humidity, temperature or pressure sensor, which can be used both autonomous as a battery-powered unit or integrated into a network. These analyzers are characterized by their diverse applicability, their high precision measurement and the recording of the desired climatic parameters. Therefore, an individual adaptation to the user’s needs i...
QuantaDat / nSens
Multi-sensor measurement system with intelligent and robust humidity/temperature sensors and analog signal exits. This cost-efficient solution allows the user to connect up to four external digital nSens-HT humidity and temperature sensors with one transmitter. Advantages: Reduced costs per measuring point thanks to multi-sensor architecture High accuracy, reproducible measurement,...
SET CONTAINS 1 carrying case for handheld device and probes 1 handheld operation/display device ClimMate 1 nSens-HT-ENS probe incl.nLink-UMB adapter 1 nSens cable extension 2m 1 USB-cable 1.8m 4 batteries alkaline LR6 AA,1,5V 2 humidity standards Novasina SAL-SC 33&75%RH 1 adapter SAL-SC for nSens probes 1 short operating manual 2 calibration certificates(
The ideal Thermo-Hygrometer for measurements of relative air humidity and temperature in room or duct applications in the HVAC industry. A digital, capacitive humidity measuring element, combined with modern electronic-architecture, allows a multifunctional usage with high measurement precision and simple application. Advantages: Best price efficiency High measurement accuray and r...
Universal temperature transmitter with analogue output and relay switch especially developed for demanding HVAC applications. This analyzer is characterized by its possibility to connect with various temperature sensors. Further, it is simple to configure, to mount and to calibrate. Advantages: Connection with standard PT100, PT1000 and NTC sensors Large and well laid-out display ...
This Thermo-Hygrostat with integrated relay switch is particularly useful for monitoring, supervision and regulation tasks in HVAC applications. Different mounting forms for wall and duct installations allow a customized use of the StatMaxx. Advantages: Best price efficiency High accuracy and reproducibility Robust design of sensor and housing Big,clear LC-Display RH/temp...
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