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 Portable IAQ

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Verify the Air in Incubator Labs
The YES AIR, handheld gas monitor provides a quick, easy and accurate way to monitor CO2 in incubators used in biomedical research facilities, IVF, laboratories and other medical applications. The special environment required to promote optimal growth of cell cultures and tissue samples requires a delicate and consistent combination of CO2, O2, temperature and humidity. While most incubators ar...
YES AIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor
Key Features » Capacity for 1 temperature sensor, 1 relative humidity sensor and 5 internal gas sensors, plus 1 external particulate sensor » More than 30 plug & play sensors to choose from, including electrochemical, catalytic, infrared and PID » Multi-function, easy to use menu » Light weight, contoured & comfortable to hold » LCD displays readings fo...
YES Plus LGA 15-Channel IAQ Monitor
Key Features » 15 sensor capacity » >30 plug & play sensor choices » Extensive, easy to use menu system » Rugged ABS enclosure with swivel handle acts as stand support » Internal sample pump with inline filter » Large, backlit, multi-line, LCD display » Data logging to SD flash card » Menu control positive sampling » RoHS comp...
YESDUST Particulate Sensor
Key Features » Low cost » Light weight » Quick response » Long life » Real time display on a YES multi-channel monitor (e.g. YESAIR & YES Plus LGA) » Data logs to SD flash card in a YES multi-channel monitor » Rechargeable nickel hydride battery pack » Wall adapter for continuous operation » RoHS compliant circuit boards   ...
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